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The house is now known as “Época”, which was built in 1902, during the peak of the rubber boom (1879-1912), is located in the historical town center, just 500 meters from the main square, on the boulevard with an excellent view to the Itaya and Amazon rivers. The rubber was the main raw material for manufacturing of tires, whose demand worldwide originated what became as “La Época del Caucho” (The Rubber Time). One of the industries with high demand was the automaker Henry Ford. The city of Iquitos, was the main point dedicated to the rubber activity in the Peruvian jungle and the first fluvial port on the Amazon River. With the rubber boom (also called “white gold”), the city began to expand and eventually grew to colonies of Portuguese, Spanish, Jewish, Chinese, and up to nine consulates. Our house was declared a monument that is part of the Cultural Heritage of Peru.


Iquitos: Ciudad con historia y cultura!

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Posted by Época - Iquitos on Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Alojamiento Época - Iquitos

Nuestra casona "Época" fue construida el año 1902, en pleno Malecón de la ciudad de Iquitos. Ahora es Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación. Luego de 115 años, la vista sigue siendo espectacular!

Posted by Época - Iquitos on Friday, May 26, 2017